Conferencing Software


 As a teacher experienced in both these platforms I would like to share my insights on this comparison.

1. Extensions – Most features are not built into the application and have to be installed as a browser extension to chrome.

2. Breakout Rooms – Supervising the participants in zoom breakout rooms is a complicated and tedious process. Besides needing many screens and workarounds, it also requires to have high-speed connectivity which may be an issue if you have five users online at a given time and place.

3. While zoom is about as easy to use as gmeet it is not browser-based and therefore a hassle sometimes.

4. Gmeet so far has not come up with a mute all button and muting 100 participants is a big deal.

5. The free version of gmeet will not let you record a meeting, whereas zoom gives the recording capabilities.

6. Meeting durations – The free version of zoom has a limit of 45 minutes after which your call will end. Gmeet has unlimited duration.

Checkout this gmeet slideshow put together for a group of educators that had to vote on their preference


While choosing the right medium may not even be upto you here are a few other things that can enhance your virtual experience


The icing on the cake is perhaps your delivery style, speaking skills and mechanism of connecting to a live virtual audience. Keeping your style unique and engaging as well as adequately interacting with participants has no substitute. A discussion for another day.

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